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All-In-One Alpha Research Solution

Scraping Twitter is not enough to get the edge over other alpha hunters. Real gems are found where others aren’t looking. Therefore, we use several sources for searching for alpha projects:

  • Twitter
  • Github
  • Domain search
  • Our community of degens and researchers

Alphas Events Calendar

With our regularly updated alphas calendar you will not get lost in the noise of various aidrops, token launches, private, public sales and other important events.

Instant Discord Notifications

Get notified when your favorite project has changed its Twitter description to add a Discord link or was followed by a well-known Twitter account.

Filtering & Analytics

Based on analytical measures such as Social Score and community voting – you can filter out the noise created by worthless projects and forks, that are too many to count. Through tags and filters, you can find specific projects of different types on specific blockchains, to find specifically what you are looking for.



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What our customers say

Being early to things is key, its how I made most of my money due to being early to certain protocols/projects and being one of the first few to buy. Ways to get early to things is by use an alpha service like @cryptohunts_ and others

Duke Rick

Alphas researcher, member of @county_cap @HoneyDao_